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RapbackProtect Suite

Integrates with livescan and fingerprint vendors to receive State/FBI criminal history, and alerts you of subsequent criminal activity.

Let RapBackProtect serve as your end to end background integrated solution to manage the ongoing safety of your organization. RapBackProtect will allow you to integrate into livescan partners or vendors to allow you make applicants fingerprinting appointments within the Rap Back Protect solution. RapBack Protect will further allow you track your applicants fingerprinting status, ensuring they are conforming to your policies of getting fingerprinting within a configurable amount of time.

Eligibility Plus

Enhance your ability to automate your background checking processes by integrating to livescan vendors, State Police and the FBI.

  • Enhance your eligibility with integration to livescan vendors and providers
  • Obtain real-time feedback from livescan vendors such as appointments and applicant fingerprinting
  • Obtain tracking data from the livescan stations to ensure your applicants get fingerprinted
  • Integrate into State and Federal Criminal History repositories to obtain fingerprint or name-based search results


Keep peace of mind knowing you and your organization have ongoing monitoring and alerts of any employee or licensee criminal activity.

  • Keep your environment safe with ongoing protection awareness
  • Receive automated alerts via email of criminal activity to make proactive decisions
  • Continually check Registry information after your initial decision to ensure future incidents are known
  • Customize workflow capabilities to efficiently manage in-process applications
  • Check your applicants against Registries such as the National and State Sex Offender list, Office of Inspector General (OIG), and others.